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Platinum HD (XLR) Cables

Positioned at the top end of all our product line, the Platinum HD (XLR) interconnect design continues to be inspired by high-tech components developed for military, aerospace and medical applications, with the major difference of utilizing conductors that are composed of silver coated solid core, pure CU-VHQ copper strands, insulated and shielded with a double Cu-VHQ cupper/Silver coated multi strand jacket, specific to the PLATINUM HD series.

This to the end of guaranteeing perfect transmission of the more complex signals without adding nor masking anything, and thus preserving the essential: depth definition and sonic structure

Design: twin complementary coaxial full symmetric shielded technology
Conductors: "Solid Core" pure silver coated CU-VHQ, with Hi-Bias electrical pre treatment.
Shielding: double shielding (multi strands Cu-VHQ silver coated )
Connectors: Carbone/chrome with golden pins
Rings: Aluminum 2017A machined damping rings
Outer jacket: Coated extra flexible silicon (white)

PROPAGATION SPEED: 200,000 Km per second (67%)

@20°C /1Khz

VIARD AUDIO DESIGN reserves the right to change specifications or fabrication techniques without notice.

All our cables are available in standard lengths of 1m and 1.5m for modulation cables and 2, 2.5, and 3m for speaker cables. Custom lengths are available by request. Speaker cables are available with banana or sandwich spade connectors including banana on one side and spade on the other.

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